11 June 2012

pedal to the metal (part two)

Despite my adoration of normal bicycles, there is something undeniably appealing about motorbikes. Ever since I had one moonlit motorcycle ride in Minnesota last year, I've been slightly obsessed with motorbikes and long, winding roads. Too bad Australian roads aren't that great for bikes.

Another bonus: the gear you have to wear. It's probably becoming rather obvious, but my one true love excluding you eminem are leather jackets, and what better place to wear one than what they're actually for?

08 June 2012

pedal to the metal (part one)

(Images from citizencouture and tumblr)

All of our favourites spotted on the streets going green, and I must say I've never seen such stylish biking gear before.

Really only one phrase to describe it: I, I, I WORK OUT.