22 October 2013

ollie my gollie

ft. Triangl, any 'Ollie' bikini

Essentially the bikini of the summer. Mix n match the colours for a fun pop. Need I say anymore?

15 October 2013

strap me stupid

ft. Lily, Windsor Smith

A li(ly)ttle late but better late than never.

This is the shoe snob's answer to the jelly sandal that flip flopped its way back into every 90s kids' heart, presenting a solution to the burning desire for a comfortable shoe that cannot also be found in a four-year-old's wardrobe (excluding Ms A. Wang). Pick a platform height and you're ready to go.

01 October 2013

buffy buffet

ft. Givenchy

Does anyone else remember these and the numerous copies they spawned?

If you don't, go to just about every blogger's archive, circa 2010.

We've seen the wondrous revival of spikes and studs (spike me baby, oh yeah) and funky headgear this year so I thought today's post would be a nice homage to the original. All hail.