22 October 2013

ollie my gollie

ft. Triangl, any 'Ollie' bikini

Essentially the bikini of the summer. Mix n match the colours for a fun pop. Need I say anymore?

15 October 2013

strap me stupid

ft. Lily, Windsor Smith

A li(ly)ttle late but better late than never.

This is the shoe snob's answer to the jelly sandal that flip flopped its way back into every 90s kids' heart, presenting a solution to the burning desire for a comfortable shoe that cannot also be found in a four-year-old's wardrobe (excluding Ms A. Wang). Pick a platform height and you're ready to go.

01 October 2013

buffy buffet

ft. Givenchy

Does anyone else remember these and the numerous copies they spawned?

If you don't, go to just about every blogger's archive, circa 2010.

We've seen the wondrous revival of spikes and studs (spike me baby, oh yeah) and funky headgear this year so I thought today's post would be a nice homage to the original. All hail.

24 September 2013

robbing the hood

ft. Marion, Alexander Wang

A much lusted over bookmark in my browser history, in my opinion, this little baby was Alexander Wang's crowning jewel of 2012. The most perfect combination of crocodile leather goodness with just enough of a metal edge to it, all tied up in one petite package.

Bravo Mr Wang. I'm lusting over it nearly as much as I am over your niece's wardrobe. Dressing like a four-year-old at fashion week is absolutely acceptable... Right?

17 September 2013

coasty and cosy

ft. the Paige, Topshop

Now that spring is finally hit us (with bushfires and torrential rain apparently?!), I'm feeling nostalgic for the ankle boots that basically governed my winter wardrobe. Goodbye the beloved thigh-high boots of yesteryear, I was feeling exposed ankles, intricate leather work and touches of metal detailing during the winter months.

Yet, even now, with the warmer weather, I'm finding that I'm reaching for cut-outs a la the Balenciaga Ceintures, rather than sandals and flip-flops thongs. While this may or may not be fostering my aversion to feet (true story), it's becoming readily obvious... tis the season for enclosed toes.

10 September 2013

interro(r)gate the heart

Heeeeello all.

It's finally time. Finally.

Get pumped for echo sierra 2.0 (we don't talk about the time before the two).

Literally pumped though... because true to form, echo sierra is starting with shoes.

Watch this space - updates are coming on Tuesdays (#terrorTues)

20 May 2013

l is for lunar

(photo from Lulu and Your Mom)
Someone teach me how to be Lulu Chang. 

If only I looked this good on a day-to-day basis (and blonde).