19 July 2012

good days bad days

Tee: ksubi, Albuquerque cut offs: ksubi, Bra: sass & bide, Boots: Novo

With the return to school (and hence, the onslaught of exams), going out has become a super foreign concept.

Fortunately, I'm free to dream up any winter appropriate outfit that comes to mind in a cave my own bedroom.

I'd been hunting around for a pair of normal black boots for quite a while (you wouldn't believe how many versions there are) but these... when I found them I knew it was love at first sight. Perfect for narrow feet and brilliant at elongating and shaping your legs even when you're not in heels. I regret not buying them in both brown and black because these are quite possibly the most worn pair of shoes in my closet (which is saying a lot). After so many wears, they are starting to get a little battered up though... but that seems to just make them far more perfect.

I promise to do a close-up shot of the bra at some later stage, it is the most delicate, beautiful thing ever and I love it to bits and bits so it deserves a proper photo in the sunlight.

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe right now?

PS. For any DIY fanatics out there, check out minkpink's Suped Up Slasher's contest on Facebook - it looks like a lot of fun!


  1. i´m looking forward to the close up of the bra! looks very special!